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In high-tech test laboratories, we provide evaluation services for your clinical electronic devices and facilities, as well as lab and measuring equipment. The testing facilities at Qualven are accredited and recognised. We provide support for a wide range of testing procedures for your medical electrical equipment and systems, as well as laboratory and measurement equipment. To analyze the electromagnetic interruptions of your health products, our test team use a wide range of anechoic chambers with dynamometers, open area test sites, shielded rooms, radio frequency (RF), and over-the-air (OTA) test sites.

  • Clinicians can get the right answer quickly by using the right test for the clinical question based on the best available evidence.
  • Based on diagnostic pathways, common regular procedures adhere to an uniform and consistent quality standard throughout all health specialties and professional groups.
  • Downsides in the process are easily identified, and required changes are made.
  • Tests that are unnecessary or redundant are avoided.
  • Human errors are reduced, and legal certainty is increased.