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SCHOLA is an Online Learning Platform, provides user-friendly Dashboards, Learning Management & Automation Platform, Distant Learning, Online Classes, Lesson Planning, Student Attendance, Examination and Reports.
Create Various modules available in EMIS facilitate almost all the requirements of your institution, from admission of
new students to generating report cards when students complete their session.

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Officium is a state of the art office automation system which provides efficient content management, business process management, digitization and archiving features.
Some prominent features include content creation including note, noting, letters and minutes of meeting, paper mail scanning, OCR and processing, extensive searching including content-based search, tracking, tasking, human resource management, organizational structure and hierarchy, document filing, digital assistant, calendar and commitments, etc.
The product is built on open source technologies and complies with international standards including CMIS, SOA, Solr, and JPA.

PakCR -Donor Portal

PakCR Donor Portal, a comprehensive platform designed to seamlessly manage all aspects of your charitable contributions. Our user-friendly interface provides donors with a centralized hub for effortless navigation through features that include transaction records, child sponsorship details, and donation history.

With our Donor Portal, you gain real-time insights into your philanthropic impact, allowing you to track the progress of sponsored children and the positive influence of your contributions. The portal not only simplifies the donation process but also fosters transparency, providing detailed transaction histories and ensuring that your generosity makes a meaningful difference.

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Registration System for HEC

NTC a subsidiary of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan deals in the registration and accreditation of Technology Engineers of Pakistan.
The system allows graduated engineers from around the country to register themselves and submit the scanned copies of their educational certificates for accreditation and attestation.
The system is integrated with Askari Bank of Pakistan for financial transactions.
Moreover about 200 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are registered with the system that accredits the credentials and certificates of students.

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Aggregation System for HEC

The software is developed for Ministry of Planning and Development. P & D has thousands of the projects running across the country; PMES is designed to improve the existing flow of information to the Projects Wing [PW] of the Federal Planning and Development Division [FPDD], Monitoring and Evaluation [M&E] Cells of the Provincial Planning and Development Departments and Board [PPDD/PPDB] and other stake holders.
The software includes the management of project profiles, annual targets against a particular project, progress data against a particular project, reporting, security, online availability and user level management.

e-Commerce Application - Kenya

An online ecommerce application was built for an African customer DT Dobie which sells vehicle spare parts in Kenya.
The system allows registration of products under specified categories, provision to enter products profile, details, pricing information, variants in the form of color/size /shape etc.
Provision to offer sale, apply campaign and extensive reporting module was also part of the system.
System is also integrated with payment gateways for online payment processing

Web portal for Fazaia Housing Society

An online web portal for Fazaia Housing Society which is a subsidiary of Pakistan Air Force (PAF).
The portal displays various offerings including residential and commercial properties along with their financial details and necessary required documentations.
All SOPs, Rules and Regulations and other important information are readily available in a user friendly manner.
The portal is integrated with Management system to access and publish real-time information from their ERP/Office Automation System

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Website for Tajikistan Embassy-Pakistan

An online presence of Tajikistan covering major demographic, social, political and cultural details about the country.
There is a major module covering projects / initiatives and their up to date progress between Tajikistan and other countries.
Electronic visa processing and general instructions to apply for visa are also placed on the website.
Latest events, news, pictures and other important information are also updated from a user friendly administrative interface and same is visible on the website after necessary approval from competent .

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ShareArchiver - Canada

ShareArchiver is a holistic file archiving and data management solution, designed to manage large volumes of data residing on file servers. The solution is easy to deploy and use. It offers seamless and integrated access to archived content through file stubs (ghost files which take up zero bytes).
A versatile File Archiving and digitization solution created to lower storage and backup costs, shrink backup windows and facilitate compliance, all with zero impact to users.
Use de-duplication, compression, 256-AES encryption and SSL technology to protect your data from ransom-ware, & keep your data safe Automate data archiving, save time and costs, while making archiving process effortless, eliminate hassle with data archiving process.

PakCR - Website

Pakistan Children Relief (PCR) commenced its journey in 2012 as a US-based non-profit organization with a core focus on providing education to orphans and street children in Pakistan. Recognized as a 501(c)(3) entity by the IRS, PCR initiated its operations through partnerships with local organizations. Over an eight-year period, PCR diligently pursued its mission, laying the groundwork for sustainable change in the education landscape of the nation.

With a dedicated team of social workers and an unwavering commitment to its mission, PCR embarked on a trajectory of expansion and growth. Leveraging its newfound independence, PCR rapidly scaled its operations, extending its reach to 20 cities across Pakistan by 2024.

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